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Thank you for checking out this page dedicated to some of my creative expressions, including songs and poems (poems pending). In addition to writing songs, I am also the author of the international best selling book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? 

I spent a good portion of my younger years writing songs and performing. My songwriting was really a form of self therapy. I was searching for my true self and I was writing lyrics that were far more advanced than my conscious self. 

And I was having the time of my life; traveling around the country and having daily synchronicities. Someone who could supposedly read past lifetimes told me I was reliving a past life I had as a troubadour 1000 years ago in England. 

These are current sessions of songs I wrote in the 70's and 80's, recorded over the past 5 years. I am glad to get them out of  my system and finally put them into the world. I hope you enjoy them. 
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Lady Luck's Whim
A story song about a down and out gambler who has a chance encounter with a prissy sexy dancer and what happens when the sparks fly.

Recorded in Studio City with Dave Waterbury playing all instruments except guitar, which was me.
First Encounters of the Close Kind
A guy and a girl meet in a cafe and have a one night stand that turns into perfect love. It was this song that won the heart of D.K. which catalyzed my "inter-dimensional" experiences.

Recorded at Dave Waterbury's studio with me playing piano
Give More than you Take
Is karma real? Do we really reap what we sow? I believe yes and that's what this song is about.

Originally Recorded in Sedona at the studio of Charles Buttons with Steve Sandnor on piano and Charles on bass. Then we recently (2014) added some additional guitar tracks and vocals at Dave Waterbury's studio 
Recycled Pain
Some people believe we live in a world of mirrors and it's really hard to grow and get out of our negative patterns because our personal worlds keep reflecting the negative back to us. I went through many years of that experience and felt very stuck. This song came out of that experience.

Originally Recorded in Sedona, Az. at the studio of Charles Buttons with Steve Sandnor on piano, me on guitar, and Charles on bass. Then we recently (2014) added some additional guitar tracks and vocals at Dave Waterbury's studio in Studio City, Ca.
Wear My Smile
The world can be a tough place. Most of us have had periods of our lives when we felt stuck and trapped. Maybe we got rejected in a love relationship. Maybe someone we cared about departed this realm.  Maybe we lost our job, etc etc and we locked ourselves away, feeling unloved and dejected. 

This song is like a fantasy where I thought to myself.."what if I could put so much love into a song that it would cheer everyone up." I hope it works for when you listen.

Originally Recorded in Sedona at the studio of Charles Buttons with Steve Sandnor on piano, me on guitar,  and Charles on bass. Then we recently (2014) added some additional guitar tracks and vocals at Dave Waterbury's studio
Everybody Loves You
One aspect of life on planet earth is this human propensity to be attracted to people who are winning and shun people who are losing. In reality, there's the potential for every loser to become a winner and oftentimes all that's needed is for some support, understanding, and compassion from others. That's what this song is about.

Recorded in Studio City studio of Dave Waterbury. Me playing guitar. Dave playing the rest. Billy Deen singing. 
Travel at the Speed of Love
This one of my favorite songs. When I was younger, it felt like everything in the world was attempting to trap me (in particular, women). I was traveling from city to city performing at coffee houses and colleges and I was "falling in love" all the time. But there was something in my nature that felt I needed to learn something about life, which I wouldn't learn if I settled down and raised a family. This song was an expression of that. In retrospect, I did need to learn a few things about life and I would never have learned it if I settled down. 
The Reason is to Love You
Another song I wrote when I was traveling. It was the adventure of my life. I was sleeping on couches and having brief romantic connections. I was having constant synchronicities (miracles of perfect timing) There was this amazing loving energy traveling with me which I was sharing with everyone who I came in contact with. And this song came out of that. I am still amazed at the profoundness of the lyrics.
Do It 'Till You're Sick of It
The story behind this song is pretty funny. One summer, in the 80's, a friend of mine took me to a "disco" in Greenwood Lake, New York and introduced me to the owner  - Tommy Granitelli - for an audition. Tommy liked my songs but told me I was too quiet and his drunk patrons would never listen to me. He felt sorry for me and put me on that night anyway to sing in-between the bands and agreed to pay me 25.00.  Sure enough, there I was on stage singing away and nobody was listening. So after the second song, something in me said I was going to reach this crowd of inebriated people. I looked at them and screamed at the top of my lungs. The room went absolutely quiet all eyes staring at me. A wave of panic crossed. What to do? I yelled  "Your turn".  ONE TWO THREE  and they all screamed back at me. 

I walked off stage and the owner came up to me and said I was hired for the summer. I started to write outrageous songs for this audience and Do It Till Your Sick of It was the most popular. They may not have understood the lyrics, but the walls of the disco would shake as they all sung along to the chorus - DO IT   DO IT   DO IT

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